POST /users/confirm

This operation completes the process of signing up for CAVE, and creates the user.

The request must contain the user information, a password, and the confirmation token that was received in the registration email.

If successful, the request will return 201 CREATED, as well as the user data in JSON format.

Resource URL

Resource Information

The data must be formatted as JSON, with the following fields:

Field Description Notes
first_name The first name of the user Mandatory
last_name The last name of the user Mandatory
password The desired password for the user Mandatory
confirmation_token The token received in the email Mandatory

Example Request

curl -i -X POST \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -d '{
           "first_name": "Joe",
           "last_name": "Appleseed",
           "password": "S3cr3t!",
           "confirmation_token": "5B5D427F-0C63-4938-A87B-D41A6E54E42C"
         }' \

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 78
Connection: keep-alive


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