The tokens are strings that are used to secure requests for writing metrics into CAVE. These can be stored inside applications that are publishing metric data, and are generally known to all members of an organization or team.

A team token can be used to publish metric data for that team. However, organization tokens can be used to publish data for any team, or at the organization level.

The REST API provides operations for token management, and each team will be responsible for their security tokens. It is recommended that the tokens are rotated periodically, for security purposes. There's a limit of 3 tokens per organization, and 3 tokens per team.

Operation Description Who can invoke
GET /organizations/{name}/tokens Get organization tokens Org Admin
POST /organizations/{name}/tokens Create organization token Org Admin
GET /organizations/{name}/tokens/{id} Retrieve organization token with given id Org Admin
DELETE /organizations/{name}/tokens/{id} Delete organization token Org Admin
GET /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/tokens Get team tokens Team Admin
POST /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/tokens Create team token Team Admin
GET /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/tokens/{id} Retrieve team token with given id Team Admin
DELETE /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/tokens/{id} Delete team token Team Admin

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