A team is another level of grouping users within an organization. Any organization administrator can create teams. The only restriction is that the team name must be unique within the organization.

Organization and team administrators can add existing CAVE users to a team, remove users from the team or change the role of a user within the team.

Operation Description Who can invoke
GET /organizations/{name}/teams Retrieve teams for organization Org Admin or Member
POST /organizations/{name}/teams Create team within organization Org Admin
GET /organizations/{name}/teams/{team} Retrieve team by name for organization Team Admin or Member
DELETE /organizations/{name}/teams/{team} Delete team with given name Team Admin
GET /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/users Retrieve team users Team Admin or Member
POST /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/users Add user to team Team Admin
PATCH /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/users/{email} Update role for user in team Team Admin
DELETE /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/users/{email} Remove user from team Team Admin

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