An organization is a group of users using CAVE. Any user can create organizations, as long as the name is unique within CAVE. After creating an organization, the user becomes its sole administrator, but there are APIs to allow an administrator to add more users to the organization, remove users from organization, or change the role of an user within the organization.

The supported roles are:

  • Administrator: can do all operations on the organization.
  • Member: can do most operations on the organization.
  • Viewer: can only view data associated with the organization.
Operation Description Who can invoke
POST /organizations Create organization Any user
GET /organizations/{name} Retrieve organization with given name Org Admin or Member
PATCH /organizations/{name} Modify organization with given name Org Admin
DELETE /organizations/{name} Delete organization with given name Org Admin
GET /organizations/{name}/users Retrieve organization users Org Admin
POST /organizations/{name}/users Add user to organization Org Admin
PATCH /organizations/{name}/users/{email} Update role for user in organization Org Admin
DELETE /organizations/{name}/users/{email} Remove user from organization Org Admin

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