POST /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/metrics

This operation sends data for a metric in CAVE.

The operation can be invoked by an application that has a team token.

Resource URL{name}/teams/{team}/metrics

Resource Information

The data must be formatted as JSON. There must be a single field, called metrics which is an array of items, each with the following fields:

Field Description Notes
metric A name for the metric Mandatory
tags An object containing the tag information of the metric Mandatory
timestamp The timestamp of the data point, in Epoch format[^1] Mandatory
value A numeric value of the metric Mandatory

[^1]: Epoch is the number of seconds since Jan 1st 1970.

The request must be authenticated with a valid team token. See Tokens for details. The token can be passed as the username (with an empty password) following the Basic Authentication scheme of the HTTP protocol. Alternatively, the same token can be accepted as a Bearer Token, similar to the OAuth2 specification.

Example Request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -u 8b896055-c295-4a30-a29c-5a97d15f1818: \
     -d '{
           "metrics": [
             { "name": "http.cache.hits", "timestamp": 1398788625,
               "value": 123, "tags": { "service": "svc-important", "host": "" }
             { "name": "http.cache.misses", "timestamp": 1398788625,
               "value": 12, "tags": { "service": "svc-important", "host": "" }
         }' \

Example Response

Content-Length: 0

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