GET /organizations/{name}/teams/{team}/metrics

This operation retrieves data for a metric in a CAVE team.

The operation can be invoked by any user of the team (any role).

The response contains the metric data points (timestamps and values), in JSON format.

Resource URL{name}/teams/{team}/metrics

Resource Information

The request must contain the following query string parameters:

Parameter Description Notes
metric The name of the metric to query Mandatory
tags The list of tags for the metric Optional, Special format [^1]
start The start date/time for the query Optional [^2]
end The end date/time for the query Optional
limit The maximum number of datapoints to return Optional [^3]

[^1]: Comma-separated list of colon-separated pairs of keys and values, e.g. host:service01,env:production [^2]: Use start and end to paginate through the data. [^3]: It defaults to 60, and it is capped at 60.

The request must be authenticated with a valid user token, as obtained from a login operation. See POST /users/login for details. The token can be passed as the username (with an empty password) following the Basic Authentication scheme of the HTTP protocol. Alternatively, the same token can be accepted as a Bearer Token, similar to the OAuth2 specification.

Example Request

curl -i -u 8b896055-c295-4a30-a29c-5a97d15f1818: \

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 253
Connection: keep-alive

  "metrics": [
    { "time": "2014-10-24T12:37:28.000Z", "value": 1.0 },
    { "time": "2014-10-24T12:37:27.000Z", "value": 1.0 },
    { "time": "2014-10-24T12:37:33.000Z", "value": 1.0 },
    { "time": "2014-10-24T12:37:32.000Z", "value": 1.0 },
    { "time": "2014-10-24T12:37:30.000Z", "value": 1.0 }

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